John Barley – What You Should Know About Pulse 8 Gym

John Barley opened the Sindlesham Squash Club in 1971. He built one of the most successful squash clubs in England. However, in 1996, he chose to close the squash club and turn it into a fitness club. He opened Pulse 8 Gym in Berkshire, London, England and began offering memberships to individuals who had an interest in health and fitness.

John Barley

Pulse 8 Gym is dedicated to helping people achieve their goals. The websites states that “whether you are fit or unfit, looking to lose weight, tone strengthen, compete or relax…we have the solution.” Pulse 8 Gym offers a variety of membership options, and six one-on-one training sessions are included in all of their membership packages. The Lunchtime Membership is twenty-seven pounds per month and allows members access to the gym between eleven in the morning to four in the evening every day. The Daytime Membership is forty-seven pounds per month and allows members access between six in the morning and four in the evening. The Anytime Membership is fifty-seven pounds per montXh and allows members unrestricted access.

Pulse 8 Gym offers a senior membership as well as a young adult membership and junior membership. The gym has a large fitness class timetable, which offers more than a hundred and thirty classes per week. Pulse 8 Gym has a variety of facilities and amenities for its clients. John Barley created this gym after closing his squash club and creating Nirvana Spa and Leisure.