John Barley: A Mind for Spa and Leisure

John Barley is a business owner who lives and works in Berkshire, England. He has decades of experience as a business owner, and he has long had a mind for creating spa and leisure experiences that customers love. Through Nirvana Spa & Leisure Ltd. and Pulse 8 Gym, Mr. Barley has brought his luxurious visions to life.

“One day, on holiday in Spain, John Barley thought how wonderful it would be to recreate the holiday feeling, at home,” reads the story of Nirvana Spa. “He came back to the UK and Nirvana Spa was born.”

John Barley’s Nirvana Spa and Leisure has been called “The UK’s favourite pure water spa with relaxing pools, celestial floatation, treatments, thermal suite and spa garden.” Likewise, customers call Pulse 8 Gym a “Fantastic, unique, inclusive and a real club for all fitness abilities,” going on to say that “You must see it to believe it!”

Both facilities have received countless such reviews and they continue to earn more every day. For those who’d like to learn more about John Barley’s businesses, go to or


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