John Barley: About Nirvana Spa

John Barley founded the Sindlesham Squash Club in 1971, and he quickly grew it to be among the United Kingdom’s finest squash clubs. In 1988, Mr. Barley expanded the grounds and founded Nirvana Spa & Leisure Ltd. Eventually, Sindlesham Squash Club became Pulse 8 Gym, which many Nirvana Spa members today know and love.

“One day, on holiday in Spain, John Barley thought how wonderful it would be to recreate the holiday feeling, at home. He came back to the UK and Nirvana Spa was born,” begins the story of Nirvana Spa.

“The idea that you should feel just like you’re on holiday underpins everything we do,” it continues. “From the architecture to the caring customer service, we’re all about making you feel completely relaxed and comfortable. Whether it’s having your prosecco brought to your lounger or taking a quiet siesta in the Tepidarium.”

Want to learn more about John Barley’s Nirvana Spa & Leisure Ltd.? Visit for complete information.

Also, check out to learn about Pulse 8 Gym, which is located on the same property.


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