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John Barley – interesting Facts About Architecture

Having worked in construction for a large portion of his career, John Barley has a longstanding interest in architecture and is often fascinated by the techniques used to construct old buildings. The following are some interesting pieces of trivia related to the industry.

John Barley

  • There is a bridge in Lima, Peru that was built using mortar that was mixed with ten thousand egg whites, instead of water. The Bridge of Eggs was made in the early seventh century and has stood the test of time as it is still standing today.
  • The glass dome on the Reichstag Building in Berlin, Germany is affectionately nicknamed ‘The Cheese Cover’. It is symbolic in that it offers people the chance to literally oversee legislators to ensure liberties cannot be hindered.
  • For many years the Empire State Building was the tallest building in the world. Though it has since lost that distinction, you may be interested to learn that ten million bricks were used in its construction.
  • A ‘Jib Door’ is the name given to a camouflaged door that is hidden in the walls of a room. They are commonly seen in old English manor homes and would traditionally be the entrances to rooms where servants worked.
  • The industrious people of Nepal are able to make use of many materials that modern builders and architects would not consider. This is why many of the houses in the country have been built using cow dung, which is usually mixed with sand, clay and mud.

John Barley is an experienced business leader and architecture enthusiast.




John Barley – Costly Bricklaying Mistakes to Avoid

In 1958, John Barley received the Silver Trowel after graduating as the top bricklaying apprentice of his year, which set the stage for a successful career in construction before he transitioned into the leisure industry. Experienced bricklayers are able to avoid some of the common mistakes that those new to the profession make, which include the below.

John Barley

Choosing Incompatible Mortar

Mortar is not a one-size fits all material, so you need to ensure yours is compatible with the types of brick you are laying. This is particular true when rebuilding or renovating an old wall, as you may find that the wall was built using lime mortar, rather than the Portland cement commonly used today. Mortars expand and contract at different rates, so combining the two can lead to failures in the structural integrity of the wall.

Waterproof Coating Old Bricks

While it is common to apply waterproof coating to new bricks before using them, doing the same for old bricks can actually have a damaging effect. This is because the process of waterproofing the brick also locks in any moisture that is already inside the brick, sometimes leading to additional moisture damage. A water-repellant sealant is often the best choice in such cases.


While it is a good idea to maintain your brickwork, you also need to understand that many cleaning techniques are abrasive, which can lead to bricks being damaged. Ideally you should identify the scope of the cleaning job beforehand and find safe cleaners based on your specific needs.

John Barley is an experienced bricklayer who has enjoyed success in the construction industry.

John Barley – What You Should Know About Bricklaying

Bricklayingjohn-barley-1 is a craft that requires study and dedication. John Barley left school when he was still a teenager, so that he could pursue a career as a bricklayer. He was the highest graduating apprentice of his year. Barley is passionate about architecture and built homes for many years as the owner of Orbit Properties. If you are interested in the craft of bricklaying, there are several facts that you should know.

Bricklayers are related to masons, but have a slightly different skillset. Masonry is a broad term for craftsmen who work with brick or stone. Bricklayers are professionals who specialize in constructing structures out of brick. Bricklayers often go through a specific course of training. Individuals who are interested in becoming bricklayers often choose to become apprentices. Bricklaying is an ancient profession. An apprenticeship program can help young individuals learn traditional techniques and how to apply them to the modern construction industry.

Professionals who work in brick construction are often skilled and experienced. They may have completed an apprenticeship to gain experience, and they may have worked hard to hone their skills. There are several career opportunities available to bricklayers. These professionals can work for large construction companies, or they can build independent companies. Bricklayers are craftsmen and can repair historic buildings that have brickwork. They can also build brick walls for their clients’ homes. John Barley spent years honing his skills as a bricklayer and a business professional. He owns multiple companies in England and enjoys studying architecture.